New Defender Wheel Nuts

New Defender Wheel Nuts

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New Defender Wheel Nut set 

These wheel nuts are made to keep your wheels safe from being stolen while also being the right fit for your new wheel purchase!

  • Made for the Defender 5 Lug Nut application
  • The Black plating is guaranteed to last a lifetime against rusting, chipping and peeling
  • Includes 16 Splinedrive lug nuts & 4 Locking nuts - 1 for each wheel
  • 30% lighter then OEM lug nuts
  • Made by McGard 


All New Defenders 2020 onwards with our 20” Wheel options

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Express from USA  (approx. 7 days worldwide)

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48-72 hr dispatch

Please note

There is an option for a set of 4 wheels or a set of 5 with a spare. The set of 5 comes with an extra set of locking nuts so your spare is not able to be taken off without a locking key.